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1 Gord Irwin



TUES 8:30 AM ICE 1  

L TO B1 Gord Irwin

2 Pat Thompson


TUES 1:00 PM ICE 6 Gord Irwin    
3 Glen Canning L TO C1


TUES 8:30 AM ICE 2 Dave Davies



4 Dave Davies


WED 3:15 PM ICE 4 Wayne Scott  
5 Wayne Scott   L TO D1



TUES 8:30 AM ICE 3  


L TO B3 Wayne Scott


6 Al Orton


TUES 1:00 PM ICE 5 Wayne Scott
7 Tom Melnyk L TO C2



TUES 8:30 AM ICE 4 Tom Melnyk  

L TO B4    

8 Wayne Silver     FRI 9:30 AM ICE 2 Wayne Scott


9 Ray Johnson    


TUES 8:30 AM ICE 5    

L TO B5 Stu Fraser  


10 Stu Fraser

TUES 1:00 PM ICE 4 Lynn Wilson

11 Lynn Wilson L TO C3

TUES 8:30 AM ICE 6 Lynn Wilson

L TO B6  

12 Keith Tomlinson  

  WED 3:15 PM ICE 6 Jack Campbell
13 Gary Franklin
L TO D2  


TUES 10:45 AM ICE 1  

L TO B7 Jack Campbell

14 Jack Campbell


WED 10:45 AM ICE 3 Jack Campbell  
15 Mike DeBeck L TO C4


TUES 10:45 AM ICE 2 Clay Bottrell    

L TO B8      

16 Clay Bottrell        

      Wayne Scott
17 Bernie Rostek       WINNER


TUES 10:45 AM ICE 3       FRI 12:30 PM ICE 3

L TO B9 Bob Gallaugher    

18 Bob Gallaugher

TUES 3:15 PM ICE 1 Steve Beggs  
19 Steve Beggs L TO C5


TUES 10:45 AM ICE 4 Steve Beggs

L TO B10  

20 Don Allan  

  WED 10:45 AM ICE 5 Steve Beggs
21 Ray Yole   L TO D15


TUES 10:45 AM ICE 5  

L TO B11 Don Moss

22 Don Moss

TUES 3:15 PM ICE 2 Barry Hodgkin

23 Barry Hodgkin L TO C6  


TUES 10:45 AM ICE 6 Barry Hodgkin  

L TO B12    


24 Keith Ainsley     FRI 9:30 AM ICE 4 Steve Beggs

25 Gordon Churches


TUES 3:15 PM ICE 3

L TO B13 Gordon Churches  

26 Cliff Thesen

WED 8:30 AM ICE 1 Stan Hegstrom
27 Stan Hegstrom L TO C7



TUES 3:15 PM ICE 4 Stan Hegstrom


L TO B14  


28 Cliff Merriam


WED 1:00 PM ICE 6 Ron Danderfer  
29 Stu Carmichael
L TO D16    


TUES 3:15 PM ICE 5


L TO B15 Ron Danderfer

30 Ron Danderfer


WED 8:30 AM ICE 2 Ron Danderfer    
31 Doug Schneider L TO C8      


TUES 3:15 PM ICE 6 Doug Schneider      

L TO B16

32 Paul Kondal




B1 Pat Thompson



TUES 1:00 PM ICE 3  

L TO C9 Pat Thompson

B2 Glen Canning


WED 3:15 PM ICE 5 Pat Thompson    
B3 Al Orton L TO D13


TUES 1:00 PM ICE 2 Wayne Silver

L TO C10


B4 Wayne Silver


THUR 1:30 PM ICE 2 Gary Franklyn  
B5 Ray Johnson  




TUES 1:00 PM ICE 1  


L TO C11 Keith Tomlinson


B6 Keith Tomlinson


WED 3:15 PM ICE 3 Gary Franklyn

Gary Franklyn

L TO D14



WED 10:45 AM ICE 4 Gary Franklyn  

L TO C12    

B8 Mike DeBeck     FRI 12:30 PM ICE 4 Gary Franklyn

B9 Bernie Rostek    


WED 8:30 AM ICE 6    

L TO C13 Don Allan  

B10 Don Allan

WED 1:00 PM ICE 3 Keith Ainsley
B11 Ray Yole L TO D3



WED 8:30 AM ICE 4 Keith Ainsley


L TO C14  


B12 Keith Ainsley  


  THUR 1:30 PM ICE 1 Paul Kondal  
B13 Cliff Thesen



WED 8:30 AM ICE 5  

L TO C15 Cliff Thesen

B14 Cliff Merriam

    WED 1:00 PM ICE 4 Paul Kondal    
B15 Stu Carmichael L TO D4


WED 8:30 AM ICE 3 Paul Kondal      

L TO C16        

B16 Paul Kondal        



C1 Dave Davies



WED 10:45 ICE 2  

L TO D10 Dave Davies

C2 Tom Melnyk


THUR 11:15 AM ICE 4 Dave Davies    
C3 Stu Fraser



WED 3:15 PM ICE 1 Clay Bottrell



C4 Clay Bottrell


FRI 9:30 AM ICE 6 Bob Gallaugher  
C5 Bob Gallaugher  




WED 10:45 ICE 6  


L TO D8 Bob Gallaugher


C6 Don Moss


THUR 11:15 AM ICE 2 Bob Gallaugher
C7 Gordon Churches



WED 1:00 PM ICE 5 Doug Schneider  

L TO D7    

C8 Doug Schneider     FRI 12:30 PM ICE 5 Bob Gallaugher
C9 Glen Canning    


WED 10:45 AM ICE 1    

L TO D5 Glen Canning  

C10 Al Orton

THUR 11:15 AM ICE 5 Mike DeBeck
C11 Ray Johnson



WED 3:15 PM ICE 2 Mike DeBeck 


L TO D6  


C12 Mike DeBeck 


  FRI 9:30 AM ICE 3 Mike DeBeck  
C13 Bernie Rostek



WED 1:00 PM ICE 2  

L TO D11 Ray Yole

C14 Ray Yole

    THUR 11:15 AM ICE 6 Stu Carmichael    
C15 Cliff Merriam



WED 1:00 PM ICE 1 Stu Carmichael      

L TO D12        

C16 Stu Carmichael        


D EVENT        

D1 Gord Irwin




THUR 9:00 AM ICE 2 Lynn Wilson

D2 Lynn Wilson


THUR 1:30 PM ICE 3 Don Allan    
D3 Don Allan



THUR 9:00 AM ICE 1 Don Allan


D4 Cliff Thesen


FRI 9:30 AM ICE 5 Don Allan  
D5 Al Orton  






THUR 9:00 AM ICE 5 Al Orton


D6 Ray Johnson


THUR 1:30 PM ICE 4 Al Orton
D7 Gordon Churches



THUR 9:00 AM ICE 3 Gordon Churches  


D8 Don Moss     FRI 12:30 PM ICE 2 Wayne Silver
D9 Stu Fraser    



THUR 9:00 AM ICE 4 Stu Fraser  

D10 Tom Melnyk

THUR 1:30 PM ICE 5 Stu Fraser
D11 Bernie Rostek



THUR 9:00 AM ICE 6 Cliff Merriam




D12 Cliff Merriam  


  FRI 9:30 AM ICE 1 Wayne Silver  
D13 Wayne Silver




THUR 11:15 AM ICE 1 Wayne Silver

D14 Keith Tomlinson

    THUR 1:30 PM ICE 6 Wayne Silver    
D15 Barry Hodgkin



THUR 11:15 AM ICE 3 Stan Hegstrom      


D16 Stan Hegstrom        





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