Curling Etiquette ( the unwritten rules )

-         Be on time.

-         Start with a hand shake.

-         Finish with a hand shake.

-         Keep the ice clean, the shoes you use should only be used for curling.

-         Compliment a good shot.

-         Be ready when it is your turn to throw a rock. Keep the game moving.

-         Be courteous, Don't distract your opponent in the hack, keep your distance, be silent and motionless.

-         Don't walk or run across the ice when anyone is in the hack.

-         Sweepers should stay between the hog lines and on the sidelines.

-         Vice skips are the only players allowed in the house while the score of the end is being decided.

-         Skips should keep the game moving by minimizing delays in making decisions. Avoid long conferences. This is rock science not rocket science.

-         Please do not leave sticks, brushes, crutches or grippers on the ice.

-         Stick curlers should wear two grippers when delivering their rocks.


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