Our Senior Men's Team at the PCMCA Finals - What a game! 

 The Glen Meadows Team with Bill Tschirhart, holding the PCMCA Zone 1 trophy which was their entry into the provincials.

Dan Eakins reporting:

In case you missed the games, I thought you might like to know the results of how Glen Meadows Masters’ curlers made out in the championships. To set the stage, let me explain that this was the 2013 Combined Provincial Masters Provincial Playdowns. Eight teams of age 60+ and eight teams of age 70+ representing the Pacific Coast and the BC Interior Masters Curling Associations met at the Nanaimo Curling Centre for the BC Masters Curling Championship. All this was hosted under the auspices of PCMCA. Now for all you Glen Meadows Masters Curlers, this is part of what our $3.00 PCMCA fees goes towards.

We did not have a 70+ team make it to the final Playdowns but we were represented in the 60+ category by Lawrence Woytowich, Wayne Scott, Lynn Wilson and Frank Nash. The teams in this competition are the best in our province, only one team from each of the 8 Zones make it to the championship. Our team battled their way into this competition by beating all other 60+ teams on the South Island in Zone 1. They played excellently throughout the championship and ended up in the finals against the Lightbody team from the New Westminster Royal City Curling Club.

It was the game that defines it all. In the 8th end coming home against Lightbody our Glen Meadows team was tied with the hammer. Let me try and paint the picture for you with the last four rocks of the 8th end:

- There is a long guard on the centerline.

- Royal City’s Skip, Lightbody, throws his first rock, a draw from the right around the long lonely guard and ends up on the button.

- Glen Meadows Skip, Woytowich, throws his first rock, a draw from the left to the button for shot, bumping the opposition back two inches.

- Lightbody draws again from the right and just taps Woytowich’s rock enough to end up on the button for shot.

- There are now 3 rocks on the button and no hit available because of the long guard. But there is just enough room between Lightbody’s shot rock and Woytowich’s first rock to squeeze in for a piece of the button and shot.

- Woytowich throws his last rock, again from the left and ends up on the button but it is hard to tell which rock is closest for the win. A measure is required.

Before telling you the result, our Glen Meadows team did not realize it at the time, but this measure was for the title of the Provincials and the Guy Philip trophies. Serious anxiety if I was so lucky as to have been in the game!!!

- The stones were measured and Glen Meadows lost by 1/2 inch.

What a game to watch folks. Both teams played at Brier calibre. Outstanding.

As I mentioned above, if our team had won this game they would have taken all the prizes because of their first place win/loss record in the playdowns. But with the loss, Lightbody of Royal City was now tied with team Gelowitz from Kelowna and had to go back on the ice to play the tie breaker, which he won. I spoke with our skip, Lawrence, when I got back home from Palm Springs this weekend and he told me that the level of our Glen Meadows team play was the highlight of the year for him and the rest of the team. They ended up defeating three-time provincial and Canadian champions Gelowitz of Kelowna and the Guy Philip champions Voysey of Nanaimo. It couldn’t get much better. Lawrence also mentioned that the Nanaimo Curling Centre were excellent hosts. The ice was outstanding. They scrape the ice twice a day whereas we burn once a week, so their ice conditions were as good as it gets. He said that you had total confidence that your shot would run correctly as long as you called the right ice.

Lawrence and his team credit Bill Tschirhart for much of their success and want to thank him for his hours of on-ice coaching and mental preparation for this event.

Well Done team. Hats off to you, you should be proud of your effort. You represented Glen Meadows well with great skill and sportsmanship.


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