Learn to Curl Sunday Instructional League 

The GMCA would like to offer an instructional league on Sunday afternoons.  Unfortunately this league was not offered last year due to low interest.  This league is designed for beginning curlers and intermediate ones who wish to gradually improve their game through this blend of instruction, mentored practice and game experience. If you are interested please contact Bob Dobaldson at 250-655-9386 or geoson@telus.net

The League would start in mid October and run for 8 sessions. This League will provide curlers with an opportunity to learn the game, practice skills, participate in games and basically have fun with curling. Each Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00, a new aspect of the game will be covered for about a half hour followed by a game where participants can pit their skills against each other in friendly competition. Teams will be changed weekly to give curlers the chance to curl with all their colleagues and try different positions. Coaches and volunteers will be available to help with the instruction session and during the game with strategy and delivery tips. In addition, there will be opportunities for some one-on-one coaching to help build your curling skills.

Don't worry if you have missed a couple of the first training sessions as the coaches are more than willing to review earlier themes for you.

The various themes that will be covered during the session include:

Delivery Review/Safety

Sweeping and Etiquette

Delivery Mechanics: Balance,

Delivery Mechanics:  Alignment/slide

Delivery Mechanics:  Dynamics

Delivery Mechanics: Power

Grip, Turns and Release


Plans include a mini-spiel and Wind up Christmas Party.

The cost of the League is $140.  Brooms are available and participants are expected to wear either curling grippers (supplied) or shoes with soft rubber soles that are not worn on the street.

Please register at Glen Meadows Curling Club at 250-656-3136.

If you are new to curling you may also be interested in the TRY CURLING event on October 14 or NOVICE/INTERMEDIATE CLINIC on October 21.

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