Mixed Wednesday Evening League


Mixed Wednesday Evening League


This League is currently inactive for 2017-18

At this moment we are sorry to inform you that the Mixed Wednesday Evening League is inactive for 2017-18 due to lack of curlers.  We would gladly offer this league again if there would be enough interested curlers.  Contact the Glen Meadows Golf and Country Club office at 250-656-3136 if you are interested in this league.

Meanwhile, there is a fully functioning Open Mixed Friday Evening League that is looking for curlers. This league is open to different team formats consisting of male and female players.  For information go to Open Mixed Friday Evening League.

If you are interested in curling in the Open Mixed Friday Evening League please contact Barb Carr using the contact information below.  Contact Judy Scott (contact information below) if want to submit your name or team to play in a Mixed Wednesday Evening League.

Registration for all leagues is done through the Glen Meadows Golf and Country Club office at 250-656-3136.



The Mixed Leagues (Wednesday and Friday) are open to Women and Men of all ages and provide an opportunity for couples and singles to get together for some exercise and fellowship. Teams vary from novice to expert and the focus is more on fun than winning.

The Mixed Wednesday League would play at 7:00 pm.  The Open Mixed Friday Evening League plays at 7:30 pm.

Fees: click on Fee Schedule .  This fee includes all assessments and taxes for the full six month season.

Team registration is preferred, but individual registration is also welcome.

For more information about each league, contact the League Director:

League Executive: 





Director, Mixed Wednesday Evening League

Judy Scott







Director, Open Mixed Friday Evening League

Barb Carr





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