2012/13 Bulletin Board 

Mar 28, 2013      

Season Wind-up 

Team Wilson - A Event Winner 

Team Irwin - A Event Runner-up
Team Schultz - B Event Winner Team Marshall - C Event Winner

Congrats Guys!!

Ernie Morgan - Warren Trophy Winner  

for full size photos click on:  https://picasaweb.google.com/johnstontr62/GMCA2013MastersChamps#slideshow/5860613058872796770



Mar 23, 2013

The pairings have been determined for the final Masters playoff round. The following games will be played on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.  Come on out and watch the games before the AGM.







Gord Irwin   vs   Lynn Wilson



Al Schultz   vs   Gord Zorn



Ray Yole   vs   Grant Marshall



Gord Oates   vs   Jack Campbell



Harald Miggitsch   vs   John Demeriez



Mar. 16, 2013

The end of the curling season is almost upon us.  For those of you that are not familiar with how we wrap up the season, let me explain.
1.  End of Regular Play
- Tuesday 19 March is the end of Draw #4.  The Drawmaster (Jack Campbell) will take all the results from Draw #4 and prepare a Playoff schedule based on the win/loss record.  The Playoff schedule will then be posted at the club and also sent to the membership via email and put on the website.
2. Playoff Games Friday 22 March
-   There will be an A, B, C, D, and E event, with four teams in each event based on the win/loss record of Draw #4.  All teams will play games on the first day of the Playoff.  Noteyour time of play may not coincide with the regular play (Red & Blue draws) times, so you must check the Playoff schedule to determine when you play.  Winners will proceed to the second round of the Playoff on Tuesday, losers are eliminated and will become avid spectators.
3.  Playoff Games Tuesday 26 March
-  The final games of our 2013 Masters Championship Playoffs start at 9:00 AM  for all those who won in the first round of the Playoff.  All the rest of you who did not win in round one are encouraged to come out and watch.  Good luck to all those who will be on the ice!
4.  End of the season Annual General Meeting (AGM)
-  The AGM portion of the afternoon will commence shortly after the final Playoff games have concluded – of course allowing time for the last curlers off the ice to refresh themselves.  So everyone who has not come out to watch the final Championship games should show up by 11:15 to attend the AGM.  We will commence the meeting once everyone is gathered and cover as much of the Agenda as we can until the chef has informed us that our BBQ is ready when we will then break for lunch (approximately 12:00).  On completion of lunch we will resume the meeting until completion of the Agenda, followed by the presentations to the Champions and B,C, D and E events.
NOTE:  Spares are welcome (and encouraged) to attend the AGM and lunch at no cost.  Spares are not eligible to vote at the meeting.
5.  The Agenda for the AGM meeting is printed below.  If there are any items members wish to add to this agenda or want to be brought up as New Business please contact me in advance.
6.  Election of Officers
-  At the end of every year our officers move up one position in the organization.  During the AGM we elect a new officer to join the Executive in order to keep a full slate of officers.  We have an excellent volunteer willing to join the Executive this year, Terry Gogol.  Unless there are any other nominations, we will vote Terry to join the Executive at the meeting.
Dan Eakins
President  ______________________________________________  

 Glen Meadows Masters’ League  Annual General  Meeting March 26th, 2013 
Minutes of previous GM, 16 October 2012
Collection for Sandra Schmirler Foundation
Year End Reports:
-          President
-          Treasurer
-          1st Vice President
-          2nd Vice President
-          Publicity / Membership Director
-          Drawmaster
-          Spare Coordinator
-          50/50 Program Coordinator
Non- Executive Reports & Presentations
-          Curl BC Representative    (Lawrence Woytowich)
-          PCMCA Representative  (Jack Campbell)
-    Sidney Lawn Bowling (Bob Fowler)
Presentations of Special Awards
Presentations of Honorariums
New Business
Election of Officers
Transfer of Gavel & Adjournment
Presentation of Master’s League Champions & Winning Teams

Feb.9, 2013  

I was asked at the last Masters executive meeting to re-send an earlier email with the unwritten rules of curling etiquette. This info should be useful to the new curlers that have recently joined us as well as a reminder to more experienced curlers.

Curling Etiquette (the unwritten rules) - A gentle reminder
- Be ready to start on time. Curlers should be on the ice and the coin toss completed before the start time.
- Do not go on the ice until the ice has been prepared by the staff, which is indicated by the previous games scores being removed from the scoreboard.
- Practice on a different sheet.
- Start with a hand shake.
- Finish with a hand shake.
- Keep the ice clean, the shoes you use should only be used for curling.
- Compliment a good shot.
- Be ready when it is your turn to throw a rock. Keep the game moving.
- Be courteous, Don’t distract your opponent in the hack, keep your distance, be silent and motionless.
- Move to the side of the ice after throwing your rocks and when the opponents have control of the house.
- Don't stand two abreast (side by side) when standing on the sidelines.
- Don’t walk or run across the ice when anyone is in the hack.
- Sweepers should stay between the hog lines and on the sidelines.
- Vice skips are the only players allowed in the house while the score of the end is being decided.
- Skips should keep the game moving by minimizing delays in making decisions. Avoid long conferences. This is rock science not rocket science.
- Please do not leave sticks, brushes, crutches or grippers on the ice.
- Stick curlers should wear two grippers when delivering their rocks.
Good curling,
Ray Johnson

Feb.4, 2013      DRAW 4 Concerns 
Hello fellow Master curlers,

The last draw of the season has been drafted and circulated to all of you so you know what teams you are playing on.  I am sure you all noticed that we are down to 5 sheets each draw on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We are simply missing too many permanent curlers to fill all the sheets.  Draw 1 and Draw 2 we had just enough regular members to fill 22 teams, even then there were some teams which required a spare every game.  Draw 3 we almost had enough for the full slate of 24 teams, so we gave it a try.  But again there were some teams which required a spare every game.  In addition, most of the bonspiels occurred during the timeframe of Draw 3 which further exasperated the situation.  It was a real nightmare for the Spares Coordinator to fill the holes throughout Draw 3.  The situation which has developed for Draw 4 is a result of some illnesses but more so because of so many members are away on vacation in February/March.  Even the Spares Coordinator will be away most of Draw 4. So the only way to make it work is to drop to 20 teams and have 5 full sheets on each of our Tuesday & Friday draws.
So we do not penalize the fully paid up regular members, they get first call to be spares.  This may impact our normal pool of spares as they may not get called as often.  But it is only fair to get the paid up members on the ice before others.  Since there will now be only 5 sheets used on each draw Tuesdays & Fridays, those who do not get a call to spare might want to come down to play a make-up skins game on the unused sheet.  This will not be organized, it will be left to the pool of non-playing curlers to organize adhoc.  I would suggest that if you want to do this that you aim for the 8:30 am draw so that the numbers are sufficient to make a viable skins game.  Just remember, sparing on a team takes priority over playing skins and also that non-fully paid up members (ie. spares pool) would have to pay spares fees even to play skins during regular draw times.
During the absence of our stalwart Spares Coordinator, Barry Hodgkin (off to Australia), we are lucky to have two volunteers to fill his shoes – Trevor Lewis and George Herbert.  Thanks guys, we appreciate your stepping in to the breach.  And thanks to our Drawmaster, Jack Campbell, who has to put the draw together despite the constantly shifting status of member availability.
So what is the solution folks?  Recruit more curlers for next year!  We need about ten more permanent full time curlers to get back to full capacity.  We need your help to find new members for next season or we will be in the same shoes come September that we are in now.  Additionally, some of our long term spares might think about signing up as regular members so that we can fill in the holes to make more teams.
Just thought you would all like to know the situation and what the Executive is dealing with.
Dan Eakins, President Masters


Jan 29 Mini-Spiel Results:

Congratulations to the following winners of the Jan 29 mini-spiel.

1st Place: skip - Alan Shultz, 3rd - Trevor Lewis, 2nd - Bill Blair, lead - Don Stott
2nd place: John Ball, George Horel, Jim Preston
3rd place: Don Malins, Peter Price, Norm Gardner
4th place: Bruce White, Dan Ogle, Dave Bennett, Al McEwen

I want to thank Ernie Morgan for all his help in running the min-spiel.

Ray Johnson

Jan 14, 2013

BC Senior Games

The following note from Lawrence Woytowich is forwarded to all Masters curlers interested in trying to enter the BC Senior Games 55+ curling event.  If interested see the flyer attached to email sent out Jan 14, 2013 by Ray Johnson.
Subject: BC Senior Games
BC Senior Games 55+,  Zone 1 Director has approached me to take over the coordination of the South Island Curling Playdowns. (Unfortunately Gordon Petersen, our past curling coordinator is dealing with some serious health issues).
I have created the attached flyer for Curling. Depending on the numbers for the four categories, there is a possibility more than one Curling Center will be utilized.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Jan 14, 2013

Jan 8 Mini-Spiel Results:

A good time was had by all.  Ernie once again ran a stellar mini-spiel.

The winners were:
1st place:  Don Malins (skip), Ron Sera (3rd), Peter Weston (2nd), Ned Nedzelski (lead)
2nd place: Steve Muzycka, Trevor Lewis, Don Rasmussen, Bob Donaldson
3rd place: Bob Pederson, Frank Kickbush, Dave Lachmund, Brian Griffis
4th place: Gordon Oates, Jim Milbrath, Jim Preston, Roy Pullan

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Ray Johnson

Jan 9, 2013

Can you guess who's having a birthday on Jan 12?        If so, do you know his age?

Chester Brown will be 94 years young on Jan 12.  And I do mean young.  Congratulations Chester!!!  I'm sure each and every Master curler wishes that he will look as good as you and curl as well as you when he reaches 94.  Here's to at least another 10 years of curling (104 would be a nice age to still be curling).

Let's all wish Chester a happy birthday this week.  Ray Johnson

Jan 5, 2013

Hello fellow Master curlers. 

Bill Greaves would like you all to know that the "Free the Children" penny drive raised $86.00.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Also, in case you want to take a look at the future of BC curling, You can watch the 2013 Tim Hortons BC Junior Curling Championships on Sunday, January 6, on Shaw TV. The Junior Women's final will be televised at 3:00pm and the Junior Men's final will be televised at 7:00pm

Dec. 12, 2012

Hi Masters Curlers:
Is your top drawer full of pennies?  You soon won’t be able to use them, they will become nothing but throwaway hunks of copper.  So, why not donate them to a worthy cause instead! 
One of our curlers, Bill Greaves, has proposed something that I think is a wonderful idea and I ask for you to support it.  He suggests that Masters curlers collect our unwanted and nearly useless pennies and donate them to charity.  He has done some research and proposes we donate to the Free The Children campaign. You can see what this is about by going on line to www.freethechildren.com .
Bill has talked with the Royal Bank in Sidney and arranged for donations to be deposited through them. We will set up information about Free The Children at the 50/50 table where you can donate your old pennies.
I and your Executive fully support this and hope you do to.  We encourage everyone to gather up those old pennies and put them in the collection bin at the club.  We will start collecting this Tuesday while everyone is in the Giving Spirit during Christmas.  Heck, I am sure we all have lots of useless pennies in our pockets, what a great way to use them!
And don’t forget that there is a bin at the club where you can drop off non-perishable food for the Sidney Food Bank.  Brian Crossley from Wednesday Night Mixed kindly set this up and will leave the bin in place until we break for Christmas.
Thanks Guys, your support is appreciated.
Dan Eakins
President Masters Curling League
ps.  Good to see all those helmets out there on the ice.  We had a bad fall today during the Sunday Fun League.  Luckily it did not result in a head injury as the person was not wearing a helmet, but medical attention was needed.  Think about it, helmets are cheap, heads are not.  Also think Grippers if you are still without them.

 Dec. 12, 2012

Christmas Hamper    Brian Crossley is collecting non-perishable food to fill a Christmas food hamper for those in need. He has placed a collection bin near the curling equipment room with lights on it. It will be there to accept non-perishable food items until the Christmas break. Please bring in anything you can and place it in the bin to help the needy. Thanks for your support

Curling Clinics
 1. The Glen Meadows Curling Association will run a Technical Clinic on Saturday, 19 January from noon to 4 p.m. This is for Novices, Intermediate and Advance curlers. Information for this clinic can be found on the GMCA website at
Please register in advance by phoning Glen Meadows Office (Mon. - Fri.) 8:30 am - 4:00 pm ... Phone: 250-656-3136 or by E-mail (pauladdison@shaw.ca)
2. The GMCA is also considering a series of Advanced Lectures for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of curling. This series is primarily focused on Skips and Vice Skips. It will mostly be held off ice, but some ice time would be included to cover certain topics such as line calling. The GMCA needs feedback from the Glen Meadows membership to see if there is enough interest to hold these sessions. Timings will be for 4 Sundays in January/February.
Please reply to Dan Eakins daneakins@shaw.ca if you are interested in the Sunday sessions. We need your feedback in order to plan on running this program.
Dan Eakins
Nov. 23, 2012
Entry forms for  the PCMCA Zone playdowns along with  a $50  club entry fee must
be submitted to the Playdown Coordinator ( Jack Campbell ) by Fri. Nov. 30th  2012.
Please scroll down to Oct. 21 postnig for the appropriate form.

Jack Campbell
Glen Meadows PCMCA Rep.
Nov. 23, 2012
Hello fellow Master curlers,

I think it is fair to say that everyone had a good time at the recent mini-spiel. The event ran so well due to the dedicated work of Jack Campbell (drawing teams & scheduling) and, of course, Ernie Morgan for his masterful skill in running the event.

The results were close and Ernie had to do some fancy calculating to determine the winners. The winners were:

1st place: Ron Juriet (skip), Ed Bohnet (3rd), Cec Berezowski (2nd), Bob Donaldson (lead)
2nd place: Don Rasmussen, Chester Brown, Dan Ogle, Malcolm Parslow
3rd place: Gord Zorn, Will Gage, Dan Lord, Ned Nedzelski
4th place: Don Malins, Terry Gogol, Bill Cauthers, Rod Johnson


Regards, Ray Johnson=
Nov. 14, 2012
As most of you know, we had yet another curler fall on the ice this past Tuesday. Doug MacFarlane fell and hit his head. He doesn’t remember hitting his head, but others do. He was actually knocked out for a short period of time. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance for a check up. Jim McKissock talked with Doug’s wife this morning. Doug is back home and resting. She reported that he did fracture his scull and there is a small blood clot on his brain. However, she said he is expected to be fine and just needs to rest for a while. She also mentioned he wants to come back to play in Masters as soon as he can but she is holding him to getting a helmet first. We wish him well and hope to see him back on the ice soon.
Gents, we have have had a lot of falls this year. Last year we had one or two. This year I know of about a dozen. We have already lost one curler because of a fall. I think the increase in the number of falls is because the ice is colder than previous years and we as a group have not adjusted to it properly. We need to be more vigilant than ever before, especially as we seniors are less agile and aware of our surroundings as we were when younger and also our older bodies take longer to repair. So please please please be careful on the ice. Anyone not wearing two grippers is asking for an accident to happen. Wear two grippers!
You will notice that there are a lot more Masters wearing helmets now than in previous years. Ron Juriet started the trend after his fall. Slowly helmets started to appear on others that have fallen. Now we are seeing helmets on curlers who have not fallen but are being prudent and cautious. I encourage everyone to wear a helmet. You will soon see me sporting one, I may be slow to pick up the obvious clues but I am not completely clue-less (probably left myself open to criticism, eh).
Finally, concerning falling curlers. We do not have a set protocol for handling curlers injured on the ice. In some of our previous falls, such as Ron Juriet and Don Mallins, we left the curler on the ice until the paramedics arrived. In the case of Doug MacFarlane he was removed from the ice then seen by the paramedics. In view of the damage that he suffered, in retrospect, maybe we should have left him on the ice to be seen by the paramedics before moving him. I am not qualified to determine that, those in attendance may have been, I am not sure. But in my view, the prudent action is to wait for trained professionals to make the determination. We do have a considerable amount of skilled 1st Aiders in our membership as well as some retired doctors, so we have great resources to call upon to aid us with a fallen curler until the paramedics arrive. I will be bringing this issue up as an Agenda item at the next Glen Meadows Curling Association meeting to see if we can promulgate and publish a standard protocol. I ask anyone out there with medical/1st aid training who wishes to weigh in on this issue to send me your suggestions so I can carry them forward at the meeting.
Lets thank our lucky stars that nothing more serious has happened to our curlers with the falls on the ice. Lets be pro-active to prevent serious injuries and not rely solely on lucky stars.
Dan Eakins,  President Masters Curling League

 Nov. 3, 2012

Hello fellow Masters curlers,

A couple of reminders:
1) Don't forget to sign up for the mini-spiel on Nov 20. The sign up sheet is on one of the windows in the general area.2) There is no curling Tuesday, Nov 6 due to another curling event.
See you next Friday.
Regards, Ray Johnson

Nov. 1, 2012

Hello everyone,

The first mini-spiel will be held on November 20, 2012. A sign up sheet will be posted at Glen Meadows starting Friday Nov 2. Please register as soon as possible.

Good curling,
Ray Johnson=

Oct. 21, 2012

To Masters Curlers:

The lower island is in Zone 1 within British Columbia’s Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association (PCMCA). The PCMCA Playdowns for Zone 1 will be held January 18 – 20, 2013 at the Esquimalt curling club, which will then lead on to the PCMCA finals in March.

There are two distinct age categories for teams in the PCMCA Playdowns: 60+ and 70+. Typically only one team from each club can enter each event, though in the past few years there have been opportunities for two teams from each club in each event.

Click on the applicable Entry Form:    60+ form;      70+ form    to be completed and turned in to our Glen Meadows’ PCMCA Coordinator, Jack Campbell, if you intend entering the Playdowns. Note the deadline for entry is November 30th.

Oct. 16, 2012

Masters Name Tags

Bob Donaldson will order Name Tags for Masters curlers. These are the small blue and white curling stone name tags that can be worn on jackets, shirts, pyjamas at home?, etc.

A list will be posted at the club on the window glass behind the spares coordinators table. Anyone wanting a name tag is to sign up by PRINTING the name they want to on their name tag.

It is expected that the cost will be in the vicinity of $11.00

 Oct. 10, 2012

 To all Masters Curlers:

Al Mellett is kindly arranging for the purchase of Masters curling jackets. He has posted a list for anyone who wishes to acquire a jacket – the list is affixed to the glass partition behind the Spares Coordinators table in the curling lounge. Al will be bringing sample jackets of various sizes to the club starting this Friday so you can determine what size you want. His intention is to put in the order early this year so everyone has their jacket before the first bonspiel of the season.
I can attest to the quality of the jackets, they are excellent for the sport of curling – they are robust, light but warm and breathable. Well worth the value you pay for the jacket. I encourage all Masters without a jacket to purchase one, they do wonders to intimidate the opposition during bonspiels!
Dan Eakins
President Masters League

Oct. 8, 2012  

Attached is a new ruling from the Canadian Curling Association regarding stick curling which has been adopted by the PCMCA. 

Stick Curling Report and Recommendations: 

The Canadian Curling Association has finally come out with a set of stick curling rules. They are found on page 104 of the new CurlBC Yearbook and are included below. 

Rule 18. Stick Curling

(1) The use of a curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” which enables the player to deliver a stone without placing a hand on the handle is considered acceptable.

(2) The use of a delivery stick is not allowed in events leading to CCA championships with the exception of wheelchair curling.

(3) If a player starts a game with a delivery stick then that player shall use a delivery stick throughout the game. A player may not alternate delivery from the traditional hand delivery to a delivery stick or vice versa.

(4) Stones must be delivered along a straight line from the hack to the intended target broom.

delivery may begin anywhere along the centre line with a portion of the stone touching the centre line and the adherence to Rule 18(4).

(6) A stone delivered with a delivery stick must be released before it reaches the hog line at the delivering end – (Rule 8(4)).

(7) All other delivery rules apply.

The philosophy is that the stone delivered with a delivery stick should be as close to the same as the delivery by hand as possible. With this in mind, the following PCMCA interpretations of the rule shall apply to PCMCA play.

1. That two hands may be used to prepare the delivery, but only one hand be on the stick at the point of release.

2. That players shall not run to deliver their stone as it is a safety issue.

Oct. 5, 2012 

 Late Flash

 11am Oct.5
It is 4 p.m. on Friday of the long weekend. As the League Director for Masters which is scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday after the long weekend, I thought it best to check on the status of the ice at Glen Meadows. I just got off the phone with the office and was informed all looks good and it is considered a GO for Masters to start on time on Tuesday.
Thought you would all like to know.
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend everyone. See you on the ice next week.
Dan Eakins

The following is being forwarded on behalf of President Dan Eakins:

Curling Etiquette (the unwritten rules) - A gentle reminder

- Be ready to start on time. Curlers should be on the ice and the coin toss completed before the start time.
- Do not go on the ice until the ice has been prepared by the staff, which is indicated by the previous games scores being removed from the scoreboard.
- Practice on a different sheet.
- Start with a hand shake.
- Finish with a hand shake.
- Keep the ice clean, the shoes you use should only be used for curling.
- Compliment a good shot.
- Be ready when it is your turn to throw a rock. Keep the game moving.
- Be courteous, Don’t distract your opponent in the hack, keep your distance, be silent and motionless.
- Move to the side of the ice after throwing your rocks and when the opponents have control of the house.
- Don't stand two abreast (side by side) when standing on the sidelines.
- Don’t walk or run across the ice when anyone is in the hack.
- Sweepers should stay between the hog lines and on the sidelines.
- Vice skips are the only players allowed in the house while the score of the end is being decided.
- Skips should keep the game moving by minimizing delays in making decisions. Avoid long conferences. This is rock science not rocket science.
- Please do not leave sticks, brushes, crutches or grippers on the ice.
Stick curlers should wear two grippers when delivering their rocks. 
Below is the information on PCMCA:
Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association
PLAYER ELIGIBILITY for the P.C.M.C.A. Zone Playdowns : 

1. All participants must be male members of the Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association and sixty (60) years of age prior to December 31st of the current season of the playdowns for the Guy Philp and seventy (70) years of age prior to December 31st for the Graham Donaldson (70+). 

2. All players on a team must be fully paid up regular members actively curling in the same club for the whole year, which is duly registered with the Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association by November 15th of that season.

NOTE: "Actively Curls" refers to fully paid up members who curl at the same P.C.M.C.A. member curling club assigned to an individual team on a regular weekly daytime curling draw for the whole year. The 2009 AGM passed the following motion: “ That, for purposes of qualifying for playdowns, participation on a five-man team does not fulfill the requirement of “ assigned to a team and curling regularly”. 

Please note that casual and registered spares DO NOT qualify to participate in playdowns.

 2012/13 Zone 1 Playdowns – Will be held at Esquimalt Curling Club, January 18-20, 2013

PCMCA/BCIMCA COMBINED MASTERS – March 4-7, 2013 at Nanaimo Curling Rink
Any questions please contact :
Jack Campbell
Glen Meadows PCMCA Rep.

NOTE from Dan Eakins: 

There are a number of Masters curlers who are not going to be paying fees for the full year for various reasons, such as holiday travel. I want to make sure that those who decide not to pay full fees are aware that in accordance with the above regulations, they will not be eligible to play in PCMCA Playdowns. Also, those who only register as Spares are not able to play in the PCMCA Playdowns. Something to think about if you have any desires to be in the Playdowns



Sept. 26, 2012

Subject: MASTERS CURLING - Message from your Executive

Are you ready for the upcoming curling season to start? I hope so, because it is just around the corner. However, unlike previous years, we won’t start this season on the first week of October. There is a slight delay to the start this year for good reason. The ice plant at Glen Meadows is in the process of being completely overhauled. A new chiller unit is being installed and some of the pipe runs are being replaced and enhanced. If all goes as planned and promised, we hope to have much improved ice at Glen Meadows this year. Now that sounds good eh

Due to the work which is underway to upgrade the ice plant, Masters will not be able to commence curling this year until Tuesday, 9 October. The Draw Master has the first draw ready to go and will be sending it out quite soon. He has been waiting to get it out to all of you in case there are any arising's in the refurbishment work which would further delay the start of the draw. This is not anticipated, but we don’t want to count our chickens .... you know what I mean.
By the way, in case you are concerned about loosing some days on the ice because of the late start, we still have our full complement of curling days this season. The fee paid for Masters is based on 40 curling games per year. We will have 44 regular games this year. A calendar of events is appended below, remember that this is subject to change if there is a further delay to the commencement date. The calendar is also available on the Glen Meadows Curling Club website at http://www.glenmeadowscurling.com/content/blurbs/league-bulletin-board below..
Speaking of fees, yes they have gone up this year. Masters will pay $365 for the season. You can find further information about fees on the website at http://www.glenmeadows.bc.ca/curling/leagueinfo.htm
The Masters Executive had a meeting the other day at which it was decided that we had to raise the Spares Fee to keep in sync with the cost of regular membership. The Spares Fees this year will be $9.00 per game.
One of the consequences of losing the first week of October is that we will not have the annual Ice Breaker to kick off the year. However, IF, and that is a big IF, the ice gets in before the official commencement date of 9 October, then we will try to arrange for some open ice times so that you can get out there and warm up a bit. In the meantime, do those stretches and deep knee bends at home.
Please note that we will have a General Meeting for all Mastersmembers between draws on Tuesday, 16 October. This will be a short meeting to introduce the Executive and discuss a few issues.
Looking forward to seeing you all on the ice on Tuesday, 9 October.
Dan Eakin

Sept. 20, 2012

MASTERS CALENDAR 2012 – 2013 (Draft 8)
  09-Oct-12 Tue Start Draw 1 
  13-Oct-12 Sat Curling Clinic for Novice & Intermed. only
  16-Oct-12 Tuesday General Meeting
  22 – 24 Oct 2012 Mon – Wed Esquimalt Petersen 55+ Bonspiel
  06-Nov-12 Tue Ladies Interclub – NO MASTERS CURLING 
  6 – 9 Nov 2012 Tue – Fri Kerry Park Bonspiel
  09-Nov-12 Fri End Draw 1
  13-Nov-12 Tue Start Draw 2
  19 – 21 Nov 2012 Mon – Wed Juan de Fuca Bonspiel
  20-Nov-12 Tue Mini-Spiel
  11 – 14 Dec 2012  Tue – Fri  Duncan 55+ Open Bonspiel
  18-Dec-12 Tue End Draw 2
  21-Dec-12 Fri Turkey Shoot
  28-Dec-12 Fri Fun Spiel / Family & Friends Curling
  04-Jan-13 Fri Start Draw 3
  8 – 11 Jan 2013 Tue – Fri  Esquimalt Bonspiel
  08-Jan-13 Tue Mini-Spiel
  16-Jan-13 Wed STRATHCONA CUP (MASTERS vs Scotland)
  18 – 20 Jan 2013 Fri – Sun PCMCA Playdowns (Esquimalt CC)
  22 – 25 Jan 2013  Tue – Fri Victoria Bonspiel
  22-Jan-13 Tue Mini-Spiel 
  01-Feb-13 Fri End Draw 3 
  05-Feb-13 Tue Start Draw 4
  4 – 10 Feb 2013 Mon – Sun BC Island Zone Playdowns
  12 – 15 Feb 2013  Tue – Fri Glen Meadows Masters Bonspiel
  19-Mar-13 Tue End Draw 4
  22-Mar-13 Fri Masters Playoff Draw 1
  26-Mar-13 Tue Masters Playoff Draw 2
  26-Mar-13 Tue Closing AGM & Lunch


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